October 2018

Nancy Downs is amazing.  I was not sure how I would be able to tackle a complete esthetic renovation of my pediatric dental practice. I knew I wanted it to look updated, modern, but fun and inviting, but beyond that I didn’t really know what I wanted. Nancy and I spoke again and again and exchanged ideas until I felt like she really understood me.  Then it was time for her to show me her created plan for the project, and when I saw it I KNEW she understood me.  She took my personality and reflected it all throughout the office.  Every little detail was planned to create a harmonious whole.  She showed me things that I never would have thought to pick but completely loved in the design. I also loved that she continually had a weather-eye out for my costs.  I initially was thinking about doing a much bigger project and Nancy actually talked me down out of doing it all at once, helping me prioritize my own costs as a new business owner.  She had me manage areas of the project that would be easy for me to do in order to save me the cost of paying her to manage them.  It was fantastic.  I felt like Nancy at all times acted with total integrity and strove to create something that would not only look great, but look like me!

Leslie Blackburn, DDS, MS

Growing Great Grins

The Woodlands, Texas

May 5, 2013

To Nancy’s Future Clients,

It is my great honor and pleasure to write this testimonial about how wonderful it is to work with Nancy Downs.   I’ve been through several remodel projects that required the work of an interior designer.  On some of the projects I knew exactly what I wanted but just wasn’t sure how to narrow down choices for my taste.  In some others I had no idea what I wanted and needed someone to help me decide.  Wherever you might be in your design dilemma Nancy Downs in the designer for you!

In 2001 I was faced with the prospect of remodeling my pediatric dental office.  I knew that I wanted something very “hip” and cheerful with an element of sophistication so that it did not look too juvenile.  I had no idea how to carry out my ideas.  I had the pleasure of working with Nancy on this project.  After one meeting with her, she “got” me.  At the next appointment where she revealed her ideas for plans for my project, I was ecstatic with the selections that she chose, and so relieved by the fact that what I feared was going to be an overwhelming and laborious process was made so easy.  While working with Nancy I came to know and appreciate her wonderful sense of humor, cheerfulness, and positive attitude during the entire process.  Some things didn’t work out exactly as we had planned, but she always had a back up plan that was spot on. 

Shortly after this first experience that I had working with Nancy, she moved away from Houston to Colorado.  Last fall, I was faced with the task of expanding my existing office.  I can’t tell you how happy I was when it worked out that I was going to be able to work with Nancy again.  Once again, she delivered in a big way.  She remembered exactly the selections that I had and even via long distance, perfectly selected furniture and finishes to match and carry out the same look I strived for.  Nancy even had the extra burden of “designing for the sexes” as this time I was going to share a waiting room with my orthodontic partner.  Suffice it to say, we had some different ideas on what we wanted for our spaces.  Nancy listened to both of us and perfectly married our wants, needs, and desires for our combined waiting room. She made us both very happy clients. She even gave that personal touch of making a special trip to Houston to make sure that everything was installed correctly.  She was the one to put all those final, finishing touches with accessories and artwork to make this second round of remodel turn out to be, in my mind, a beautiful and functional work of art.  It is truly a place where my patients feel very comfortable and don’t mind so much having to wait! We finished the project last December and Dr. Williams and I both are still getting compliments. 

I can promise that you will be so glad that you selected Nancy for your interior design needs.  

Judith Ragsdale, D.D.S., M.S.D.
The Woodlands Dental Group
The Woodlands, Texas

September 2009

A little over 2 years ago I began construction on a home in Durango and was lucky enough to have Nancy Vanderwal recommended to me. During those 2 years Nancy and her employees helped me refine interior and exterior details of the home and floorplan and choose the colors, flooring, and surface materials to complete the interior construction and decoration. Nancy visualized and designed the beautiful custom-made rugs for the house. Approximately 6 months before the completion of the house Nancy traveled with me to Highpoint, North Carolina and Santa Fe, New Mexico to purchase the furniture and art for the house. This resulted in a significant savings on the cost of these items. 

At all times I have found Nancy and her employees to be dependable, conscientious, honest, courteous and with great attention to detail. They are extremely knowledgeable of both local and national suppliers and vendors. Nancy managed to guide me through the maze of choices helping me make selections that matched both my taste and my family’s lifestyle. I would truly have been overwhelmed and lost without her design expertise. 

I can confidently recommend Nancy as a creative, reliable, talented expert in her field. Nancy’s hard work and dedication to my project left me with a home that exceeded my expectations. 

I’m happy to provide further information,  but would end by saying that I started out choosing a design group but ended up finding friends. 

Kathy Gates

Dear Nancy,

I just wanted to let you know how very much I have appreciated working with you this past year.  The rugs, furniture and accessories that you selected for our home were perfect!  I especially liked the creative design you envisioned for our master bedroom and the wonderful faux painting that you arranged for the powder room bath, master bedroom and kitchen.  From linens, comforters and coverlets for all the beds, window treatments, sunshades, rugs, lamps, chandeliers, bar stools, comfortable loungers, vases, pots and other object d’art –you turned our simple mountain home into a wonderful retreat.  

Your ability to find just the right rug or end table and then to stay within the constraints of a budget was greatly appreciated.  It was such a pleasure to know that that I could leave the designing, decorating, purchasing and placement of all the things that make a house a home in your capable hands.  

When I arrive in Colorado and open the door to our house—I know that I am home.  Thank you.  I look forward to continuing this relationship as we look at furnishing our outdoor spaces. 

Sincerely yours,
Anne Karr

October 23, 2011

I met Nancy at a networking meeting.  I was immediately enamored by her presence and energy.  The timing was perfect.  I had met numerous interior designers in the last couple of years here in Durango, but I chose Nancy without hesitation to design my new dental office interior.

This woman has talent!  She is easily accessible, hard working, listened to what I had to say and set up a design that was within my budget. Nancy delivered a color theme along with front desk design, furniture and accessories that were beautiful and exquisite in detail.  She also had a big say in the artwork in the office that was also beautiful.  Almost everything was delivered on time and the office opened on schedule. 

I have received many many complements from patients, friends and acquaintances on the design and layout of the office.  To a large part, this was Nancy's doing.

It is an honor that I write this recommendation.  Please fell free to give me a call or stop by may office to see her work!


John A. Rothchild, DDS, FAGD, MAGD, DAAPM, IMD, NMD

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